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This is our latest petition update in July 2017, help support Jessica Rudland Petition. We would like to change the way serious incidents in the NHS are investigated. This is our latest update to our Petition on the change .org website. With the involvement of our local IESCCG commissioning group, we are hoping to bring about change.

Please read our latest update. This may affect your family or loved one so please support our Petition to reduce the possibility of injuries and promote patient safety when things go wrong.  Please watch our latest video when you have a few spare moments. It could affect your family and loved ones. We hope it offers some insight into the challenges faced by families in the aftermath of an NHS serious incident.

Jessica cannot ask the questions we have posed to The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust about her incident because she cannot remember her pregnancy. She has no memory of childbirth or her visit to their Accident and Emergency department. This was in August 2015.

We believe it was reasonable to challenge the Ipswich Hospital over their many discrepancies and in line with the national legislation. The (duty of candour) when things go wrong, they too should have honoured their commitment to be open and honest. From the onset during meetings with Ipswich Hospital, we sensed Jessica’s treatment and care were not being explored fully and needed to be conducted independently.

We hope our petition will help others who may have been affected by any serious incident while in the care of an NHS provider. Until you are involved in such an incident you may not understand the nature of investigations and since my involvement with Jessica’s investigation, I have learnt much about the internal workings of NHS authorities in England.

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