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Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCU August 4/8

Dads Diary notes from Ipswich CCU – Ipswich Hospital – August 4th, 2015.

Morning Jess it’s me again, you had a stable night the sedation hold just didn’t go as well as we would have liked so we’ve had to sedate you. We will try again today and you’re not waking up appropriately so had to give you some time to rest. Today you again had an EEG where they placed electrodes on your head and read the signals from your brain (activity). They are looking to make sure you are not fitting under the sedation and hopefully, you have normal brain activity. Having a cardiac arrest can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain so we are checking everything to try and get the whole picture.

Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCUThe specialist will look at the report and let us know the outcome, we plan to do a CT scan of your head and now abdomen at some point as well this week. Again it’s another check and is sure we will try and wake you up again tomorrow. Jess your family have all been with you again today Lewin’s got the snuffles so we have asked him not to come into the unit today. He is doing well and had a check over today from the midwife. You are a little more stable today, still incredibly unwell and critically ill so we are monitoring you very close and will continue to do so.

I am going home now. Your nurse for tonight will be here shortly, keep strong and I may see you tomorrow night.

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