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Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCU August 5/8

Dads Diary notes from Critical Care Unit – Ipswich Hospital CCU – Jessica Rudland August 5th, 2015.

Morning Jess I’ve been looking after you since 7 pm last night. It’s now 5 am on the 5th August 2015. By the way, you are still on the ventilator machine via the tube in your mouth which is your respiratory supply. Your oxygen requirement is still needed but it’s not a huge amount and your heart rate is still high. Your blood pressure is still low but is in the normal range. All night you seem so relaxed and your nutritional needs, we are feeding you via NG to (nasogastric tube) and you are absorbing well. We have given you a full wash last night too with the help of two female nurses who tried to give your hair a clean but you didn’t like it.

By the way, the end of my night hope to see you wake when I came back tomorrow bye for now.

Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCU

Jess my name is x and I will be looking after you today. We went on a trip to have a CT scan the results appear to be okay so we did another sedation hold today. You did not wake up appropriately and you will not tolerate your breathing tube so we will try again tomorrow.

It is you also have a chest infection we have started some antibiotics, Lewin has not been able to see you today because she has a cold take

Jess, it’s me again looking after you on the night shift. You had a busy day,  CT scan and another sedation hold. You continue to be stable but remain very unwell due to your heart not work properly. There is talk putting a tracheostomy in your throat tomorrow,  it sounds awful but it has benefits that there is less risk of infection and we can increase your support when the time is right. The breathing tube in on your lips and I have changed that to yesterday as its putting pressure on your lips. This one is called Blanco and takes pressure off your mouth a bit more and we can move it easier.

Your Mum brought in Teddy Bear with Lewins heart sound on it so you can have that. You still have a muslin cloth with you and his smell is on it and he has one. We change them over regularly when he’s over his cold he can come back and see you. Going to arrange some hand and footprints to be taken for you and I encourage everyone to keep taken pictures and videos of him for you.

Your Mum is in the hospital staying in one of the flats, I have encouraged her to try and get some sleep tonight she is left you but I expect to see her early morning again. The weather has been poor this weekend meant to be hot, your bed is opposite the window so you can only see the treetops, it’s quiet and not too noisy. You are in an area which is central to the bed area. I will attempt to draw you a picture so you have some idea where you were.

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