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Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCU August 6/8

Dads Diary notes from Critical Care Unit – Ipswich CCU – August 6th, 2015.

Hi, Jess, it’s Dad, Sam is here today and we talked all about you and what we would do next when you wake up.

Mum here they’re doing another EEG today to see if your brain is still looking good. They will also do a sedation hold and I think it is happening as I write, hopefully, this one will go well my precious. Possibly Trachy for you tomorrow which means we can get that awful pipe out of your mouth.

Jess Dad’s here again, that’s what I keep saying in your ear when I kissed you today. You really seem to know,  like you knew it was me and your bottom lip quivered and your expression changed. You did look like you could hear me and you shed a tear. You must remember we are going to get a new puppy for the house soon as we discussed so I will need you to help me pick the right one, Cherie has been here today and little nanny can come tonight. Sleep tight, Dad x.

Hi, Jess, my name is x and I am one of the nurses here in CCU. I have been with you since the late part of this shift when I came in this afternoon you had lots of wires Jessica Rudland Ipswich CCU

attached to your head and you have another EEG you’re also just on a little bit of sedation, to begin with whilst EEG was attached you are a little bit restless probably because you were more aware of things going on around you. So after the wires from the EEG were removed we popped you off back to sleep so you could have more dreams another nurse helped brush your hair and I washed your hair with a shower bag with shampoo and conditioner, it is very clever and we put your hair in a bun so that it wouldn’t get matted or tangled. We got you a little bit more comfortable and you had a peaceful afternoon. Tomorrow the doctors are going to give you a tracheostomy a little pipe in your throat. Hopefully, this will be more comfortable for you, hope you have a good night and all the best for tomorrow Jess.

Hello Jess my name is x and am one of the healthcare assistance I’ve been sitting with you this afternoon when x popped off for her breaks you may have felt me combing your hair you are a bit weak, when I was doing that I think I managed to get most of the gel from your hair that the EEG left yesterday. One of my other colleagues has put it up in a nice bun. I took your Mum to the shop today and she bought a new top as the weather was warming up and we’re going back to get another one. Back again tomorrow so will see you then hope you have a restful night take care.

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