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  Who is Jessica and what did she do before her injury?

Jessica is a 23-year-old Mother to Lewin who was just 15 days old when she visited The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Jessica used to work for the Nationwide Building Society.

What happened in A&E that evening and when?
Still under investigation

  Which Hospital Trust did you visit?
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

What treatment did Jess receive?
Still under investigation

  Was the initial diagnosis correct?
Jessica was treated for Atrial Flutter/Fibrillation.

  What basic investigations were considered before drug intervention?
Still under investigation

  Who was involved in her treatment, care and emergency medicine?
Still under investigation

What happened next?
Still under investigation

Why did Jess have a cardiac arrest?
Still under investigation

What affects has Jess suffered?
Jessica has suffered an Anoxic Brain Injury.  Definition: Anoxic brain damage is an injury to the brain due to a lack of oxygen. Hypoxia is the term to describe low oxygen. 

What happened after she went to ICU?
Still under investigation

What happened at Papworth Hospital?
Still under investigation

When did Jess come back to Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust?
Still under investigation

What happened next?
Still under investigation

When did Jess leave the hospital the first time?
Jessica was discharged 9th September off Claydon Ward by Doctor A and suffered a collapse the next day at home. She was attended by paramedics and taken to A&E by Ambulance and readmitted to Claydon Ward the same day.

What rehabilitation has Jess received?
Initially, her rehabilitation commenced with IcanHo at Stowmarket then ceased after 3 months. It is due to recommence in May 2017.

When did Jess see Dr Gerry McCann?
4th February 2016 at Northamptonshire for an MRI heart scan.

What are Jess’s conditions and prognosis now?
Jessica has suffered an Anoxic Brain Injury.

When did Jess go back to Papworth Hospital?
Yes, in August 2016 for echocardiogram


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