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I experienced negligent cancer treatment in 2014  


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19/01/2020 1:53 pm  

Posted by Chris, added by ShellyL5

First time on your site & not quite sure where to post my experience of harm in an NHS hospital and how families are treated afterwards by the NHS and related oversight and regulatory bodies. 

V briefly I'm a full-time working parent of 4 school-age children and I experienced negligent cancer treatment in 2014. The negligence across a number of areas of my treatment meant: I needed 3 further, avoidable operations in a 4 month-period, caused a huge amount of additional worry & fear about my health (on top of the initial diagnosis) and led to 18 months off family and work life to put me back to physically ok. I then suffered with PTSD for over a year and this can reappear as I know many families find if in the rare event I have to be back in a healthcare environment.

The avoidable harm is of course just the beginning.  I have experienced:

the futility of the NHS complaints process,

the indifference & ineptitude of the General Medical Council, 

The CQC "being unable to investigate individual issues",

The PHSO not being able to investigate as an element of my care was in an NHS private wing

and ICAS not being able to support as NHS private units apparently don't have to sign-up and anyway they are not equipped to investigate clinical failings.

I am now (after 4 years) approaching the final stages of a well-supported legal claim against both the trust and 2 consultants working there (we now know one of these was a locum, covering a post for a very short period of time).  My legal claim has, fortunately, surfaced many details about the extent of the failings in my cancer treatment which the Trust felt unable to share, even though I needed more treatment and to most safely  plan my future follow - up. The legal claim will hardly cover my lost earnings for the period I couldn't work. That has never been the driving force

We, like nearly all harmed families, have experienced cover-up, victim-shaming & delays. The GMC took the prize for depravity as they described in their internal documentation that my cancer may be the reason for my complaint. I have been called distressed, muddled, anxious and vengeful by several of the oversight bodies. There is, in my experience, a clear preference to shame families who challenge their care & treatment and the NHS rather than conducting meaningful, professional investigations which involve and put families centre.


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