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No contact after incident, no written apology and ignored during SIRI  


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15/09/2018 4:32 pm  

I would welcome more stories and experiences from all those involved in the aftermath of any serious incident.

I was not contacted by the Hospital or advised there was a concern. I went into the ED department from ITU where my daughter was being treated and asked if I could speak to someone about my daughter's treatment. This was two days after the incident.

I received no written apology until two years later from the CEO, after an additional SI investigation

I was witness to my daughter's cardiac arrest and was never asked/invited to engage in the SIRI process.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 20 the CQC can prosecute for breaches of parts of this regulation. However, they told me they don't investigate individual cases.

The notification given under paragraph (2)(a) must be followed by a written notification given or sent to the relevant person containing—
the information provided under paragraph (3)(b),
details of any enquiries to be undertaken in accordance with paragraph (3)(c),
the results of any further enquiries into the incident, and an apology.

Duty of Candour

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