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Jessica Rudland a Video Diary in Ipswich Papworth ICU

Jessica Rudland Video Diary – Video Update June 6th, 2017.

During Jessica’s illness, we kept written and audio/video diaries every day and sent SMS messages to Jessica. These are excerpts from a video diary kept over 29 days and are being shared with Jessica’s express permission.

Watch the video here:

Life inside ICU is one big roller coaster, full of highs and lows, surprises and complete despair. Outside and in life over the past two years, we’ve seen our share of both. Our beautiful daughter Jessica continues to make progress and we continue to fight for answers from the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Jessica now lives with her parents full time and as we all move forward we are still reminded of the wave of support out there and the overwhelming kindness afforded to us by friends family and complete strangers. I have kept a record of everything and everyone who made contact for Jessica to read in time. We are also very grateful to the Clinicians who kept Jessica alive with life-saving support and ongoing care throughout her stay in Ipswich CCU and Papworth Everard CCU.

So many people still ask and want to know “How is Jess?” and “How is her little boy Lewin?” There is never a good time to share what is so very private socially, but having never experienced the trauma of one’s own very sick child, I simply wanted to share our struggle, Jessica’s fight for life amidst overwhelming odds and selfishly hoped it may ease our pain.

I never dreamed so many would read it apart from Jessica’s friends and our family. I was desperately searching for answers throughout this time and received some incredible support which we are all extremely grateful for. Who’d of thought that social media would be so therapeutic and empathetic.

We’ve all been through so much not least Jessica and Lewin and I’m sure all of the followers of the “Dad’s Diary” will remember the desperate wait for Jessica to wake up from her Coma 23 days into her Critical Care. Probably most of you will also have experienced your very own share of heartaches before or since that time and we send our love to all of you who have been bereaved or lost loved ones. With Jessica’s express permission I have compiled clips from my video diary which will be ongoing and segmented into chapters as Jessica recovers and Lewin grows. We will title this ‘Jessica’s Story.’

We hope this video will help raise awareness about VTE and sepsis, these leading postnatal killers can be overlooked even after an uncomplicated pregnancy. We would like to promote an escalation process for all pregnant or recently pregnant Mothers attending ED, so senior obstetric support is routinely called for.

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