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Update – Ipswich Hospital Medical Investigation Report

This is a quick update Ipswich Hospital Medical Investigation from the last post back in January, The draft report from the new independent Medical Investigation into Jessica’s care and Treatment.

Originally recommended in a report by Clare Marx after the family sought a meeting 19th August 2016 with The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. In her conclusion she wrote:


The SlRl and the investigation of the incident to date:

l consider has not addressed the totality of the incident adequately. As such we have failed the family to date in their right to understand what happened to their daughter during her period in the A&E Department of the Ipswich Hospital.

“by failing to cover all aspects of this episode we have missed the opportunity to derive extremely valuable learning from this incident.”

“I, therefore, recommend that the whole period should be reviewed afresh with outside experts along the lines of an investigation undertaken into maternal deaths.”

“Although there already a great many processes ongoing as Trust we have not as yet done enough to understand this case which has had such a profound effect on the patient and her family. We should now express that to the family and explain what we intend to do to put that right.”

Clare Marx 22.8.16

After that report and the recommendations, the family received a written profound apology from the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust 12th September 2016. In an earlier report into Jessica’s SIRI (Serious Incident Requiring Investigation) back in October 2016 Trust wide failings were Identified.

An update posted on Jessica’s Facebook page on Saturday, 4 March 2017 announced the draft report from the latest Investigation into Jessica’s treatment and care back in August 2015 has been put back three times by the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

Promised to the family in January 2017, then February, March and April. We have been advised by the Hospital that the review will finish on 8th May 2017. The family will meet with the Hospital very soon. Read Jessica’s Story

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